■Next exhibition  次回の展示会■

  次回は2021年1月 京都で開催予定です。

糸井康博 作陶展(こちらの展示は終了しました)





京王百貨店 新宿店 

  6階 美術・工芸サロン

 京王百貨店 新宿店で初めての作陶展を開催します。



 Yasuhiro Itoi Ceramics Exhibition <Tokyo> 2020

■ Thursday, August 6 → Wednesday, 12th

     10:00 am-8: 00 pm

     (Closed at 4:00 pm on the last Wednesday)

■ Keio Department Store Shinjuku Store, 6th floor, Arts and Crafts Salon

The first pottery exhibition will be held at Keio Department Store Shinjuku.

By injecting new life, from the ancient times to the birth of "Waiko's works", which is conscious of birth over time, from "glazed works" evolved from ash glaze to tea cups, incense burners, vase, and fun containers We will exhibit.

We look forward to seeing you.